credit score report on mobile phone

6 tips for building and maintaining strong credit scores

credit score report on mobile phoneGood credit scores can be an important asset, especially if you’re planning on applying for major financing like a mortgage in the future. With strong scores, you can often qualify for more financing options and borrow at lower costs. How to obtain and preserve high scores isn’t necessarily easy or obvious, though. Here are six tips to follow to help build and maintain great credit scores.

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computer desk

How to create a productive home office

computer on deskThe home office has become an important space in the home for many people. Whether you work from home, telecommute occasionally or just want a dedicated space for your home finances, paperwork and correspondences, a home office is the logical solution.

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computer notepad and calculator on desk

The Three Cs of getting a mortgage

computer notepad and calculator on deskIf you’re confused about what’s needed to get a mortgage, you’re not alone. Mortgage rules are a tricky topic, and the details can vary from situation to situation. However, the requirements you need to meet to get a loan can be summed up with “The Three Cs”: credit, capacity and collateral. Here’s what the Three Cs entail and how you can follow them to get ready for your next mortgage.

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Cat and dog under blanket

How to budget for a new dog or cat

Cat and dog under blanketPets can bring us many years of happiness. They give a lot to us, and they also need a lot from us in return. These needs often take the form of ongoing and sometimes unexpected expenses that can be more than some people expected. Before committing to adding a new furry family member to your home, you need to ensure you can afford to provide the care they require. Here are some guidelines for budgeting for a new dog or cat.

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