How to – prepare your vehicle for winter

The official start of winter is almost here. Is your vehicle ready for it? If winters in your area are mild, there may be little preparation required. However, if the season is harsh where you live, there are several important steps to take to protect your vehicle and yourself from cold weather hazards and emergencies. Here’s how you can keep your ride running and yourself safe on the roads this winter. 

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How to – clean earbuds and headphones

Earbuds and headphones are a hot accessory in the modern world of streaming music and smart devices. Whether escaping the clamor of the daily commute or enjoying audio at home or in the office, these devices often enjoy heavy use. But just as the other items you wear need periodic cleaning, so do your earbuds and headphones. Bacteria, sweat, dandruff, dead skin cells, oil, dust, grime, and ear wax can all build up over time on these devices. How do you clean up your earpieces and keep them in healthy and pristine condition? Here’s how! 

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#DKMCrecipes – Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Casserole

Get creative with your Thanksgiving meal extras by whipping up this easy leftover turkey and stuffing casserole recipe. Even if your leftovers are already gone, this recipe can be made with freshly cooked turkey or chicken and the prepared stuffing recipe* below. 

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