How to – clean stovetop burners

Cooking a full meal can be quite a job, which is why it’s no surprise that cleaning the stovetop burners is sometimes neglected. However, putting this task off can allow unsightly grease and food residue to build up and set. If your stovetop is in need of some love, here’s how to whip it back ...

How to hide ugly elements in your home

Even the nicest homes have their flaws. Dinged up appliances. Cluttered cables. Obtrusive outlets. The list goes on. It’s not always practical to replace or move the less-than-attractive elements in your home. Instead, there are often clever ways to hide, disguise or redecorate these interior eyesores. Here are some ideas.

How to – remove permanent marker

Permanent marker isn’t necessarily permanent – and sometimes that’s a good thing. If you or your family accidentally mark one of the surfaces in your home with this supposedly indelible ink, you may be able to erase the damage. Here are some ways to remove permanent marker from common household surfaces.

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