How to – wash your pillows

It’s important to wash your pillows every three to six months. Not convinced? According to one statistic, skin cells and oils and dead insects like mites (and their droppings) can make up one-third of your pillows’ weight after two years. That should be more than enough motivation! Here’s how to wash your pillows so you ...

8 simple home repairs you can perform during winter

Winter weather doesn’t have to put all your home repairs on hold. Outdoor work may be out of the question in the chillier parts of the country, but there are many indoor tasks you can take care of for the year now. Here are eight easy home repairs you can tackle with your free time ...

How to – avoid 10 common laundry mistakes

Laundry machines are smarter than ever, but laundry day is still anything but foolproof. You may not notice, but simple laundry mistakes could be sabotaging your laundry loads, wasting your money or harming your clothes. Here’s how to avoid ten common laundry missteps. 

How to – clean earbuds and headphones

Earbuds and headphones are a hot accessory in the modern world of streaming music and smart devices. Whether escaping the clamor of the daily commute or enjoying audio at home or in the office, these devices often enjoy heavy use. But just as the other items you wear need periodic cleaning, so do your earbuds ...

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