The basics of condo ownership

The classic image of the American Dream may include a freestanding house (with or without a picket fence), but for a significant number of Americans, condominiums are home sweet home. City residents, singles, couples, seniors and others may find this type of homeownership to be the best fit for their needs and budget.

8 autumn decorating ideas

With the turning of the leaves and the ripening of the harvest, there’s no doubt that Mother Nature knows how to decorate for autumn. But do you know how to spruce up your home for the season? If you need some help falling into fall décor, here are eight ways you can roll out some ...

How to – test for lead paint in your home

They don’t make homes like they used to, and when it comes to lead paint, that’s a good thing. If you live in a home built before the late 1970s, it may contain this potentially harmful paint. Though lead paints have several favorable qualities, they were found to pose serious health risks, especially for children. 

What to expect from your remodeling project

Renovating your home can be a worthwhile investment, but it often comes with a big price tag and a major disruption in your home routine. Remodeling projects can take weeks or even months, filling your home with noise, dust and workers if not denying you access to certain areas or systems in your home. Before ...

12 great plants for purifying indoor air

Outdoor air pollution has grabbed headlines for decades, but indoor air quality has only become a concern more recently. Since much time is spent indoors, especially in the colder months, the quality of the air inside your home is very important. While a good air filtration system can do the most to remove indoor air ...

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