How to – avoid hiring a bad contractor

A great contractor provides quality ideas, expert advice and impeccable workmanship for your home improvement needs, but finding one isn’t necessarily easy. Hire the wrong business and you could be left with shoddy workmanship or major cost overruns, assuming they even show up to perform the work at all. Here are some tips for steering ...

Budget-friendly ways to sell an older home

There’s a lot to love about older homes, but selling one can present unique challenges. Even the grandest examples of vintage residences often lack some of the modern features that today’s homebuyers desire. If you think your older home needs a bit of help competing with newer properties or appealing to younger buyers, here are ...

8 simple home repairs you can perform during winter

Winter weather doesn’t have to put all your home repairs on hold. Outdoor work may be out of the question in the chillier parts of the country, but there are many indoor tasks you can take care of for the year now. Here are eight easy home repairs you can tackle with your free time ...

How to make your home brighter in the winter

Winter has its perks, but the shorter days and long nights are on few people’s list of favorites. While you can’t make the sun stay up longer, there are plenty of ways you can brighten up your home for the winter. Here are some tips to lighten up your winter living space.

Tips for choosing a moving company

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time but also a stressful one. One notable worry during the process comes from dealing with the moving company. Hiring movers means putting your life – or at least the material portion – in the care of strangers.

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