How to – make a handmade bow

Bows add the perfect finishing touch to gifts, wreaths and holiday decorations. Here’s how to tie a beautiful bow to spruce up your holiday handiwork. 


How to – create a fall wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for December. With a few simple craft supplies, you can easily create your own fall wreath that’s perfect for autumn or any time of the year. Here’s how!

How to – make your home safe for trick-or-treating

Halloween can be just as much fun for adults as for children. As a homeowner or renter, however, you may have at least one serious responsibility on Halloween night: making your home safe for trick-or-treating. With excited, costumed kids parading to your front door at night, you’ll want to take some basic steps to keep ...

How to – clean your home’s windows like a pro

Windows are your home’s primary connection to the outdoors. They let in light and views and can help warm your home in the colder months. For your windows to be at their best, however, you need to keep them clean. As the season turns, now is a great time to make your windows glisten again. ...

How to – change your home’s air filters

Have you changed the air filters in your home in the last one, two or three months? If not, it’s time to do so. Regularly replacing your air filters helps trap indoor pollutants, minimize your energy bill, reduce indoor allergy and asthma triggers and impede the growth of mold and mildew. Whether you have a ...

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