How to – childproof your home

Whether you’re having kids of your own or just hosting a family with young ones for the weekend, a properly childproofed home is essential. Seeing the world from a child’s perspective to anticipate and eliminate any potential dangers is no simple task, however. This list will help you cover many of the bases when it ...

How to – clean and maintain patio furniture

Now that spring has returned, patios across the country are being put to good use. If your outdoor furniture is overdue for a thorough spring cleaning, here are some general maintenance tips to make sure it stays in great shape for years to come. As always, reference your furniture’s manuals for the specific instructions for ...

How to – measure the square footage of your home

There are many reasons you may want to know the square footage of your home. From assessing your home’s value or listing it for sale to selecting upgrades (like HVAC systems) or shopping for a new home, an accurate square footage number is important to know. While self-measured square footage isn’t always allowable for purposes ...

How to – check off all your spring cleaning tasks

Spring is the season for renewal. That’s why it’s the perfect time for some traditional spring cleaning and some important spring maintenance. If you’re not sure where to get started around your home, just follow these handy checklists.

How to – start composting

It’s food for your garden. It’s a smart use of household waste. It’s a great lesson on the cycles of nature. It’s composting! If you’re looking for a healthier garden and an emptier trash bin, composting may be for you. Learn how to start composting at home with these simple instructions. 

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