How to – wash your car the right way

Washing your car in your driveway on a summer day is a classic ritual of car ownership. Sure, you can pay a machine to do a serviceable job without any effort, but the best results require a hands-on approach. Here’s how to make your vehicle sparkle and protect its finish with a proper hand car ...

How to – clean your laundry as often as needed

It’s easier to make common laundry mistakes than you may think. This is true even when it comes to simple decisions like how often to do your laundry. If you’re not doing your laundry often enough, your clothes and linens may become smelly, discolored or uncomfortable. But if you’re doing your laundry too often, you ...

How to – scan documents with your phone

If you’ve used us for your home financing, you probably know that our handy mortgage app (on iOS and Android) allows you to scan and submit your mortgage documents right from your phone. But your mobile devices can scan so much more! With your phone or tablet camera and a scanner app, it’s easy to ...

How to – mow your lawn the right way

Mowing the lawn is a classic ritual of homeownership, and a well-manicured yard is a point of pride for many property owners. Even though this task is relatively simple, it’s easy to make several common mowing mistakes. Make sure you’re a cut above the rest by brushing up on these mowing best practices. 

Hand turning water faucet

How to – conserve water at home

Whether you’re trying to save the planet or just save on your utility bill, water conservation is important. And if you live in a drought-prone region, it might be downright critical. Here are some simple ways you can use water more wisely around your home.

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