How to – protect plants from frost and freezes

With the arrival of cooler fall weather, gardeners need to be prepared for the threat of freezing temperatures and frost. If the weather dips below freezing (32° F or 0° C) or gets cold enough for frost to form, there’s a good chance that sensitive plants will be harmed or killed. Here’s what you need ...

#DKMCrecipes – Savory Pumpkin and Sage Soup

Now that the leaves are finally changing and the temperatures are starting to dip, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some of fall’s favorite flavors. Try this scrumptious soup recipe over the weekend and enjoy the leftovers throughout the week! 

How to – rake leaves like a pro

A fall rite of passage for homeowners, raking leaves is as simple as most yardwork comes. Nonetheless, there’s still a smart and a not-so-smart way to do the job. If you’d rather spend less time corralling fallen foliage and more time enjoying the season, here are some tips on how to rake like a pro. 

8 autumn decorating ideas

With the turning of the leaves and the ripening of the harvest, there’s no doubt that Mother Nature knows how to decorate for autumn. But do you know how to spruce up your home for the season? If you need some help falling into fall décor, here are eight ways you can roll out some ...

How to – prepare your home for fall and winter

Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22, but it’s not too early to prepare your home for the new season and the winter to follow. Completing these tasks will better protect your home and family, minimize your expenses and help prevent bigger problems down the road. Here are several important ways to prepare your home ...

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