Tips to make the most of your outdoor space

Summer is the perfect time to create an inviting outdoor space for your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up your yard, deck, patio or balcony. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before you get started.

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What rising mortgage rates mean to you

After falling over the past three decades, mortgage interest rates finally seem to be on the rise again. Although no one can predict the future of rates (economic trends, government policy and public opinion all play a hand), the current consensus seems to be that rates will continue up from their recent historic lows. So, what does this mean to you? Here are the ways you could be affected by rising rates.

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The right mortgage for each season of life

Getting a mortgage is more than a one-time event. It’s an important ongoing part of your lifelong financial strategy, and it should change and evolve with you and your family’s needs, goals and circumstances. Whether you want the smallest mortgage payment available, to be debt free as soon as possible, to minimize the cost of your loan or to have the most cash available to save, spend or invest elsewhere, each will require a different mortgage solution.

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How to conduct a long-distance home search

Any home search comes with its share of challenges, but finding a home across the state or the country is especially daunting. Thankfully, with the help of modern technology, a knowledgeable local agent and some smart strategies, your long-distance house hunt can be a success.

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How to – childproof your home

Whether you’re having kids of your own or just hosting a family with young ones for the weekend, a properly childproofed home is essential. Seeing the world from a child’s perspective to anticipate and eliminate any potential dangers is no simple task, however. This list will help you cover many of the bases when it comes to providing a safe space for young ones in your home. 

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