How high should you mount your TV?

Installing a new TV is an exciting moment, and who could be blamed for rushing to get it set up and ready to enjoy? Before you put holes in your drywall or drop serious dough on a new entertainment center, however, take some time to ensure you’re putting your screen at the best height for comfortable viewing.

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14 foods to leave out of your refrigerator

Your humble refrigerator makes a major contribution to food storage, safety and convenience in your home, but it’s not right for all foods. With some products, cold storage can degrade flavors, reduce nutrients or even speed up spoilage. Here are 14 favorites that you should consider leaving out of your fridge.

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How to – check off all your spring cleaning tasks

Spring is the season for renewal. That’s why it’s the perfect time for some traditional spring cleaning and some important spring maintenance. If you’re not sure where to get started around your home, just follow these handy checklists.

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What do builders’ warranties cover for new homes?

For many people, a new construction home means peace of mind when it comes to the quality and condition of the property. Like any new product, however, things can go wrong, and warranties are important. That’s why builders’ warranties exist.

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How to – start composting

It’s food for your garden. It’s a smart use of household waste. It’s a great lesson on the cycles of nature. It’s composting! If you’re looking for a healthier garden and an emptier trash bin, composting may be for you. Learn how to start composting at home with these simple instructions. 

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