When choosing a location to live in, the area is the key to longstanding happiness. The age old debate of city vs. suburbs always seems to bring out opinions in everyone, and there are benefits to both living choices. No matter how strong the opinions, it all comes down to personal preference, as your current lifestyle signifies which place best suits you.

Many people decide to “settle down” to the suburbs, an area where in time you can probably learn the name of everyone on your block. In the suburbs you may find yourself the driver of a neighborhood carpool or simply a homeowner who needs a lawn and backyard to truly be happy.  Others who enjoy exciting night life and countless entertainment options may find the city more beneficial for their lifestyle.   The choice simply comes down to your current goals and priorities.


One benefit of living in the suburbs is the fact that it really does function as a small city without the large property costs. You definitely receive more “bang for your buck” in the suburbs, as you can purchase a multi-bedroom house with a yard and maybe even a pool of your own, often times for the same price as a condo in the city.

It’s a well known fact that many people decide to move to the suburbs once they start a family, as people see more opportunities for children to grow up in that kind of environment. Suburbs are best known for their large amount of area space and a safer atmosphere to raise small children. When living in a smaller community, you will have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors at events like block parties, and neighborhood or school events.  Suburbs also provide families with quality local public schools to send their children to.  In addition, the suburbs may offer a better chance for you to become involved in your community.  If you enjoy having a say in the local regulations in your community or school system in town, then often times you will have a greater chance of your voice being heard in a suburban neighborhood.

With that being said, even if the price tags of homes in the suburbs are lower than in the city, often times it can cost more to keeps that suburban home running. Also, since many people who live in the suburbs do work in the city and commute daily, the money spent on driving or taking the train to and from work is always an added cost.  Access to a car is definitely essential in becoming a suburbanite and will be an important piece of your everyday life.


City Life
The benefits of living in the city are abundant.  First, unlike the suburbs, you will hardly ever have to drive to any location due to the fact that any place you may need to visit is right around the corner. There is also public transportation established throughout the city, and the environment that surrounds you will never leave you bored. The people who live in the city love the variety of life to choose from, with the opportunity to enjoy the rich culture of theater, restaurants, the most updated and modern museums and vast shopping opportunities. Where as in a suburb you may go to the same neighborhood eateries and hangouts, in the city the possibilities can be endless, and you have more of a chance of branching out to meet new and interesting people.

On the other hand, living in the city usually means having to accept much more crime and violence in your neighborhood. It would be silly to say there isn’t crime in the suburbs, but it is more likely in the city due to the wide variety of people and neighborhoods. However, with the variety of people comes the introduction of more cultures, more people, and more differences to embrace and learn from.

Though many would say that settled down families move to the suburbs while the young and single people stay in the city, this is obviously not always the case.  Some of the most prestigious schools can be found in the city, and many people have chosen to raise families throughout the city. Also, with different city events going on throughout the year, establishing long lasting friendships in your neighborhood would surely not be the most difficult thing to do while living in the city. From a social standpoint the city has more than enough to offer their residents, though that could mean the cost of living and the ability to enjoy the city’s surroundings can add up.


Both the city and the suburbs are wonderful places to reside in; choosing between the two really depends on your lifestyle and what you expect to gain from the area. Deciding upon the perfect home in either the city or suburbs can be the toughest choice, but once the decision is made, homeowners are bound to enjoy the aspects of what each area has to offer.