Fall is upon us and that means cooler weather is setting in. So, while the weather is still in our favor, you should use this time to do some fall maintenance to ensure your home is ready for the winter. You’ll need to take care of some seasonal chores around the house to prevent any potential damage to your home due to the change in weather. It’s important that maintenance is done in order to avoid higher energy bills, or worse, damage to the home if a problem goes unnoticed through the winter months.  Here are a few reminders to get you started:

  • Check around the windows and the doors for air leaks and seal with weather stripping, prepare storm windows for installation and even replace any windows if necessary.
  • Check the flue on your fireplace and make sure it’s closed if you’re not using it. Always clean your fireplace and chimney regularly.
  • Replace the filter on your heater on a monthly basis for improved efficiency.
  • Do an exterior inspection and make sure that downspouts clear your foundation; this will prevent water seepage damage.
  • Clean out any leaves or debris in your gutters to prevent overflow or leakage during heavy snow or rain. You can also install gutter guard screens to prevent clogs from leaves and potential ice damming. A clean gutter system can prevent costly home repairs.
  • Thin trees of dead branches, especially those that cause roof damage, and clean debris from sliding door tracks so that they close securely
  • Change the batteries on your smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Though most homes have smoke detectors, not all homeowners have carbon monoxide detectors. You can find a basic detector for as little as $20 and it can save your life, as running the heat could mean a chance of carbon monoxide build up. Often alarms and detectors go unattended, so batteries should also be checked every six months to ensure that they’re working.