Do you need to liven up a room in your house, but don’t want to spend a ton of money redecorating? Here are some cheap tricks you can try that will add energy to a room that needs it.

Open it Up

Don’t be afraid of empty spaces or bare surfaces and walls. As long as your room is balanced well, don’t feel the need to fill every space with something.


Paint is the cheapest decorating tool, and you can do it all yourself. Nothing brightens a room like a fresh coat of paint, giving your home an entirely new and modern look.  Don’t forget that you can also pain cabinets or furniture to spruce up the room they are located in.


You can find great stuff at antique shops, or even flea markets and thrift stores if you keep your eyes open.  These places can be treasure troves for large furniture, and you can even find collectibles that can definitely add character to your home.

Cover it Up

If you have a functioning couch but hate the upholstery, cover it up.  Slipcovers are cheap alternatives to reupholstering, which can cost hundreds of dollars.  Slipcovers have come a long way, and have become an integral part of updating the look of a room.  Plus, it’s a green alternative – you’re keeping your comfortable, yet outdated couch and simply adding a cover to give it some new life.

Use Your Own Photos for Decorating

Artwork also adds character to any room, but can be really expensive. Instead, use your own photos on your walls.  Photographs can be enlarged and made into black and white for a more classic look. Buying a larger picture frame and using a compilation of photos is a great way to utilize treasured photos, plus much more fun for guest to look, rather than a stale, old painting they may otherwise walk right by.