Consider a curtain instead of a door to the closet. It’s a great way to soften the room and add some color. It will give your room a luxury feel.

Add a seating area to your walk in closet to make your home feel like a boutique.

Incorporate a laundry cabinet into your closet to hide the ugly pile of dirty clothes.

Make your mornings easier by incorporating a valet rod to display your outfit for the day.

Organize your jewelry by using a jewelry insert for your drawer that separates each piece individually. For more bulky necklaces, hanging them on a tie rack is a great alternative.

For all other accessories, draw dividers help you sort through your clutter.

Incorporate decorative lighting, maybe a chandelier, to give your closet a more glamorous look.

Small details such as intricate doorknobs or drawer handles can give your closet a high end feel.

Wire shelving and hanging units can be just as classy as a built in unit.

Utilize canvas or wicker storage bins to organize your closet. Fill them with smaller items such as purses, scarves, or undergarments.