Think beyond paint when updating fixtures such as an old vanity. Try using a textured wallpaper to give an old fixture a new and unique look.

Give the walls or ceiling an ornate look with textured paintable wallpaper. Add a chair rail to draw the attention to detail. Wainscoting also is a great way to add dimension and texture to your bathroom.  Another great wall technique is stenciling.

Wish you didn’t have a pedestal sink? Make a simple and easy skirt out of fabric that creates a perfect hidden storage space underneath. Stackable wicker baskets are also great for storage if you’re lacking space.

Make your own designer shower curtain by embellishing with ribbons, buttons, or jewels. Do the same with towels to place on a decorative towel rack.

­Use repurposed items such as doors or crates for decorating. An old door can be a great art piece for your bathroom. Small crates can be reused as a decorative as well as functional storage solution.