Since Thanksgiving has come and went it is officially time to put up the holiday decorations. You will start to see your street lit up with festive lights and decorations. While all the lights are beautiful they can come at a price.

Just ten strands of standard incandescent lights lit up for 5 hours a day throughout the holiday season can increase your bill by $45. This year invest in LED lights which use less wattage than standard bulbs. Using ten strands of LED lights will only increase your bill by about $6. Not only will the LED lights save you money on your electric bill, but they are more environmentally friendly as well.

Other benefits to LED lights include the durability and the safety. These lights are encased in plastic, are shatterproof, and they give off less heat then glass bulbs, reducing the risk of fire. They last much longer than your standard strand of lights and saves up to 90% of energy costs.