During this busy time of year it is common to welcome visitors to stay at your home. Here you will find tips on how to make guests comfortable while staying in your home over the holidays.

  • Replace burned out lights on the exterior of the home to help guests find their way to the front door. If you don’t have your pathway illuminated, you may want to install these inexpensive fixtures to ensure safety.
  • Make sure your entry way is clear of any decorations that may be blocking the walkway.
  • Replace your old doormat for a new holiday mat with a warm greeting for your guests.
  • Plan ahead for any special needs or requests such as food allergies.
  • If children are visiting make sure to do some child proofing and remove anything that could be dangerous for kids to get their hands on. Designate a kids area with toys, games, color books, etc. to keep the kids busy and out of trouble.
  • Keep a light on at night so your guests can find their way to the bathroom or kitchen in your unfamiliar home.
  • Make room in your coat closet for your guests’ winter apparel and add an extra rug to place wet boots and shoes.
  • Make guest rooms comfortable with fresh linens and a bedside lamp for reading. Focus on cleaning the areas in the home where guests will be using the most, the guest bedroom and bathroom. Make sure you have toiletries available in the bathroom in case guests don’t bring their own.
  • Lastly don’t forget to enjoy yourself and your company. Don’t let the stress of having guests get you overwhelmed. Organization is the key to having a stress free holiday. Forget being a perfectionist, just do what you can to make your guests feel welcome and enjoy the company.