Organizing your home may sound scary for some, but there are many ways you can utilize the things you already have in your home to help you organize and de-clutter. These tips will also help you save money as well.

Create your own storage containers with cardboard boxes. Cut the top flaps off the box and cover with fabric to create your very own personalized bins. You will find these bins for around $10-15 at a store but you can make these for under $5. These bins can be used in your closet for organizing accessories, in the office to hold supplies, or in the kid’s rooms to hold books or toys.

The simple act of labeling whether it is labeling drawers, shelves, or containers, will help you stay organized in the long run because you will know exactly where to put your belongings. Labels can be simple or you can get creative with chalkboard paint so you can change up the labels when needed.

Don’t go out and buy containers when you can make everyday things a beautiful storage piece. For example canned goods can be painted or wrapped with decorative paper or ribbon. The possibilities are endless with what you can organize with old cans; organize your office supplies, jewelry, nails and screws, the kid’s art supplies, etc. Mason jars or any type of glass container is popular for repurposing into storage containers, you can paint them as well and don’t forget to label your containers! Paint cans be a unique organizer in an office with cans lying on their sides on a shelf to hold notes, mail, etc.  So before you throw away a used container think about what you could repurpose it into.