It’s that time of year when red roses, candy hearts and chocolates fill the shelves waiting to be given to the ones you love. Spice up your home décor with something sweet in honor of St. Valentine this month. Get inspired by the bright colors of the season and spread the love inside your home.

Dress up your home with the symbols of love. Give your entryway a warm welcome with a door wreath. You can create your own wreath using flowers, ribbon, heart ornaments, lace, and other trinkets. You could also spruce up your entryway with a pop of color with a floral arrangement or topiary.

Sweeten up the kitchen with an assortment of valentines candies displayed in clear canisters. Red roses are the classic Valentine’s Day tradition and a beautiful arrangement on the table adds joy to the room. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on roses this time of year opt for making your own flower bouquet out of crepe-paper.

Set the mood with candles during the most romantic day of the year. Spruce up your white votive candles by placing them in a clear vase filled with red, pink, and white beads, jewels, or marbles.

Show off your Valentines cards and string them up with ribbon making it an art piece. Create your own Valentine’s Day artwork by typing out a love letter onto antique looking paper and framing it. Or you could paint your favorite love quote onto canvas for something you can keep on the walls all season.

Don’t forget to fill your home with love this Valentine’s Day.