Light up your home during these short, dark days of winter! More light and warm colors can take you out of the gloomy spirit of the cold winter season. Studies show that pinks and greens are calming, while darker colors such as red can cause agitation. Neutral tones create harmony and bright colors should be used as accents in pillows, artwork or flowers. Color and light can dramatically change the feeling of your home. A bright, well-lit house will help you feel at ease and enjoy your home all year round.

Try Out These Helpful Tips:

New light fixtures help you increase light without the expense of installing doors or windows. Accent lighting makes dull rooms appear elegant and small rooms seem larger. Keep ceilings light to make a room appear more spacious. Dark ceilings appear lower and make a room feel cramped. For a room with a dark wall, hang pictures and light them with halogen spotlights. This “photo gallery” adds warmth and is a great way to brighten a narrow hallway. Using full-spectrum light bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs brightens a room by providing light that is similar to sunlight. The trim in your home should be the same tone and style throughout the house to unify your decor.