Have you ever wanted to take your old furniture and transform it into something new? The HGTV show, Flea Market Flip has been inspiring us to get creative. If you don’t already have old furniture that you want to flip, head out to your local flea market or even hit up your neighborhood garage sales for some inexpensive pieces that you think have potential.

One of our favorite transformations is making a vintage chair modern again by re-upholstering. To get started, choose a chair or other piece of furniture that has a solid framework. Head over to the fabric store to pick out a new color or pattern to re-upholster the chair with.

The next step is to strip the existing upholstery off of the chair. To do this you will need a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the tacks. Depending on the chairs age you may also have to remove the chairs padding and replace with new batting or foam cushioning. Use a staple gun to place the batting to the chairs frame.

Now you are ready to cut your new fabric to place on the chair. Use the pieces of old fabric as a pattern or guide to cut the new fabric. Once you have your new fabric cut to shape you can start draping and pinning to the chairs frame. Make sure to pull the fabric taut. When you have the fabric pinned in place you can start stapling to secure the fabric. Welting or piping can be added to the chair to add more definition. You can also add decorative nail heads to the chair to give it a unique look.