If your home needs some updating look no further than the top trends of the season. Many of today’s trends incorporate the modern vintage theme. Whether it’s mixing old with new or incorporating once outdated trends here are some of the latest ideas for the home.

The furnishings that used to be trending were the sleek and modern designs. Now, people are creating a warmer, more inviting atmosphere by mixing handcrafted elements, reclaimed wood, and vintage pieces with the clean lines and simplicity of modern furnishings.

Another trend that can be incorporated with many other design styles is the industrial look which can be metal and iron accents and lighting as well as exposed beams, brick, or duct work. Industrial/restaurant style kitchens with large stainless steel sinks and oversized ranges are among the most popular way to incorporate the trend.

Wall coverings that were once thought of as outdated are now modernized with different colors, patterns, and even textures. There even is faux brick and wood wallpaper that you would make you believe it’s the real thing. Wallpaper may still turn you off but you would be surprised how much it can change a room. Another form of wall covering making a comeback is subway tile. This tile is great for the kitchen backsplash as well as the bathroom. Its simple design gives your room a clean modern look and it is very affordable. Try using different color grout to provide some contrast.