1st Advantage Mortgage’s local Chicagoland market got its first big snowfall last weekend and as the winter season sneaks up on us we want to share with you some ideas to keep your home warm and your heating bill low. Every little bit of savings can help especially around the holidays.

First off you should check your home for air leaks especially around windows and doors. If you feel cold air coming in, install weather stripping and apply caulk to seal the holes. You can also install plastic coverings on your windows or purchase thermal curtains to keep the cold air out. During the day make sure to open your curtains to let the natural sunlight warm your rooms and at night keep them closed to trap the heat in.

Another thing to consider is use the ceiling fan to circulate warm air downward by setting the fan to rotate clockwise. If there are rooms in the house you are not using, seal off those rooms by shutting the vents and doors, pushing more air to the rooms you do use.

Lastly an energy saving tip is to install a programmable thermostat which you can set at a lower temperature at night when you don’t need to be heating the home as much.