According to a study done by Trulia, marble baths and roof decks are in and BBQ’s and hardwood floors are out. Trulia analyzed words and phrases from two years’ worth of luxury listings (homes priced at least four times above median asking price) to see what features are trending and what is not.

Some of the top trending phrases found on luxury listings include: marble baths, roof decks, oversized windows, storage space, terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows, ceiling windows, marble floors, a wine room, and a gym.

The phrases that were trending downward include: a BBQ, hardwoods, plantation shutters, covered patio, lush landscaping, custom cabinets, fireplaces, double sinks, stainless steel appliances, and a pool.

Some of the reasons behind the shift in trending amenities could be location of the luxury home sales from the past two years. Some of the trending phrases point to a more urban dwelling where grand views and a fast paced lifestyle is more important than gourmet kitchens and outdoor space that suburban buyers desire.