During these brutally cold days of winter it’s important to take care of yourself but don’t forget about your home! Frozen pipes and ice dams are troubles many homeowners are facing this winter.

One of the major problems is caused by the thawing and refreezing of snow on the roof. While icicles can be pretty they often lead to ice dams which build up along the eaves. As water continues to melt and refreeze the ice dam grows larger and eventually water can work its way through the shingles and into your home causing stained and or saggy ceilings, damp drywall, moldy insulation, etc. To avoid ice dams make sure your attic is well insulated and ventilated. Also heat cables can be placed on the roof to help equalize your roofs temperate.

Another inconvenience that the winter weather presents is frozen pipes. Over a quarter of a million U.S. households are affected by frozen pipes. Bursting pipes leads to flooding which can cause massive damage. In severe weather you can protect your pipes by letting a trickle of water running from indoor faucets. Prevent frozen pipes by insulating pipes in crawl spaces, use heat tape to wrap pipes, and insulate your home and caulk windows and entry ways to keep the cold air out.