Whether you plan on selling or just want to freshen up your home, any improvements made to your house this season may help increase your home’s value. Instead of tackling time consuming home improvement projects there are many small things you can do that will spruce up your house this season.

Declutter by storing away all of your winter gear.

Less clutter gives the illusion that there is more space, and having that space is a good selling point.

Open the windows and let fresh air into your home.

Smell is one of the first things people notice when they walk into a home and you want it to be a positive experience.

Clean and organize the garage.

A well-organized garage will give you more space and will show potential buyers how they can best utilize that space for their needs.

Clean and repair screen doors and windows.

It adds to your curb appeal to have screens that are clean and free of rips or holes.

Make a statement with your front door

Give it a fresh coat of paint. Also, adding new house numbers can help people find the home easier in an event of an open house.

Spruce up your outdoor space by adding lighting.

Solar lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and gives your yard an appealing safety feature