In today’s market it can be tough to find a home that fits your wish list. Many homeowners are looking for a home that is move-in ready, but the reality is that sometimes in order to get the house you want, you may have to do a little work. If you judge a home just by the cosmetic flaws you may be passing up some great options.  Plus, most cosmetic flaws are easy to fix so don’t rule out a home because of these features…

Ugly Wall Treatments: Weather it’s a bad paint job or a lot of wall paper, this is one of the cheapest and simplest fixes you can do to a home, plus you get to personalize the home by choosing your paint colors.

Dated Appliances: Appliances shouldn’t deter you from a home as they can always be worked into your budget and upgraded as your finances allow.

Flawed Flooring: Whether damaged, dirty, or just dated, there are a wide variety of flooring options out there, including low cost options that look expensive. If the flooring is in poor condition throughout the home you may be able to work this into the purchase price.

Poor Curb Appeal: Even the smallest fixes can make the front of your home look better such as a freshly painted front door. Sprucing up the exterior of your home can be a project for the whole family with some extra helpers to pull weeds or tidy up the landscaping.