bellaMy name is Bella. I’m an 8 year old Red Sable Pomeranian. I am a lovable snuggle bug and a true lap dog. My favorite place to be is in someone’s lap getting belly rubs.

My mommy works at 1st Advantage Mortgage as the receptionist. She calls me “baby goon” because I always lay between her and dad and I goon them with my nose to make them pet me. I spin in circles like a helicopter when I get excited. But I can only spin clockwise. I can do other tricks like high fives and dancing but counter clockwise spinning is too hard for me.

I used to be a volunteer therapy dog in hospitals, nursing homes and schools where I brought furry joy to people. But I retired so I could stay home and eat ice cubes and play with my favorite squeaky toy.

Everyone that meets me falls in love and tries to take me home with them. But I love my parents too much. Even the neighborhood rabbits love me. I chase them around the backyard and stop just a few feet away to have staring contests with them for several minutes until it’s time to go in. They could easily escape under the fence but they like to stay and play with me.

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