can-your-job-change-your-lifeHave you ever dreamed of owning your own home? Monika has. She has been working at 1st Advantage Mortgage for three and a half years and is currently an underwriter at the Lombard headquarters. This is her story about how working at 1st Advantage Mortgage has changed her life for the better.

Monika first joined the mortgage industry as a fluke, 14 years ago. She wandered into a mortgage broker’s office on accident instead of the staffing office she was supposed to go to. The owner at the mortgage broker’s office looked at her resume and offered her a processing job on the spot. After gaining experience, Monika says, “I truly enjoyed the diversity of the workload and helping people obtain the ‘American Dream’ of homeownership.”

This “American Dream” has come true for Monika. She was hired at 1st Advantage as a processor and a little over a year later, she was promoted to Junior Underwriter and eventually promoted again to an underwriter. “Thanks to the opportunities that 1AM has given me, I was able to purchase my own home and my dog, Atreyu, who loves the yard that came with the house. I will always be grateful for 1AM and its staff for assisting in the advancement of my career which has allowed me to achieve many of my long term goals.”