sofiMy name is Sofi. I am a Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix and a medical marvel. I was the runt of the litter and the only one to take on the Pomeranian genes; my siblings are pure white and twice my size.

When I was only a few days old, my biological mommy moved all my puppy siblings to the other side of the room and left me all alone to freeze, but I hear it’s normal for runts like me to be neglected. When the humans came home to see this, they thought I was dead, but I surprised them and started moving. I was alive!

I am now 6 years old and I live like a queen. My daily goals are to get as much table food as possible and to tear up my toys until I remove the squeaky part. I hate that squeaker. My favorite words are “walk” and “treat” but when I hear “bath”, I hide under the bed.

I sleep comfortably in a queen-size bed with my mommy, she’s a compliance coordinator at 1st Advantage so she can make money to buy me more squeaky toys to tear apart. I often howl in the middle of the night and bark in my sleep.

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