how-to-remove-permanent-marker-featurePermanent marker may not be so permanent after all. There are some ways you can actually save your table tops, sofas and walls. Don’t give up hope before you try some of these creative tips below.

Supplies: Bon Ami, scrubby sponge, wash cloth, baking soda, fragrance/moisturizer free nail polish remover

Finished Wood

Try Bon Ami to get permanent marker off your wood. Bon Ami is all-natural and nonabrasive. Sprinkle Bon Ami wherever the marks are and lightly scrub it down with a wet wash cloth. Make sure to get it all off or you may have some left over residue.


The secret to getting permanent marker off your upholstery is baking soda. However, this won’t completely remove the stain, but it will help lighten it. Make sure to try this on a small test area on any delicate fabrics. Sprinkle dry baking soda onto the mark and scrub. Repeat several times for the best result.

Countertops & Other Nonporous Surfaces

If you have sealed granite, Formica, tile, and other nonporous surfaces, try nail polish remover. The acetone helps to remove and lift the stain. Be sure to stay away from fragrance or moisturizing additives, though. Rinse down the area once you’re done.


Some people use toothpaste, nail polish remover or even magic erasers if permanent markers mark their walls. However, you may just need a scrubby sponge and a little muscle. Get the scrubby sponge wet and start scrubbing.