how-to-keep-your-children-safe-this-halloweenHalloween is a fun time of year for children and adults. With tons of free candy and dressing up in fun costumes, it can be easy to forget to play it safe. Follow these tips for a safe and fun Halloween night!

Supplies: Costume, Map, Pillowcase or Bag for Candy, Water


Check trick-or-treating hours. This year kids are fortunate to have Halloween fall on a Saturday, but it’s still a good idea to check when trick-or-treating is allowed in your town. Hours do vary by area and location.


Make a plan and be visible. If you do not plan on going trick-or-treating with your child this year, then make sure to go over a route with them. Get out a map, go online or talk with them about how far through your neighborhood they are allowed to go. Make it more fun for them and their friends by giving them some glow sticks to hold on to. It’s a good idea to make sure they are visible to others.


Be considerate of your child’s costume. While they may want to be a scary witch or ghostly ghoul, it may be a good idea to try and convince them to be a character with bright colors or encourage a costume with reflective tape. This will make them easily visible on a dark night.


Be mindful of candy and health. It’s a good idea to tell your kids to not eat any candy until they get home. This way, you can filter through and make sure nothing has been tampered with and it will allow you to eliminate any foods that may cause choking hazards. Also, encourage your kids to drink some water with any candy they may eat.