how-to-use-your-pumpkin-after-halloweenHalloween has come and gone, so what do you do with your pumpkins now? Before you throw away your traditional jack-o’-lantern, try instead to transform your pumpkins into beautiful decor and functional home accents. Get inspired with 5 of our favorite Fall pumpkin creations.

1. Bright Idea: Cut a hole in a miniature pumpkin just big enough for a little tea light candle. This will lend a warm and cozy ambiance to a crisp, autumn night.

2. Soup’s On: Use your pumpkin as a serving bowl by cutting off the top of your pumpkin, scooping out the insides, and filling the hollow pumpkin with your favorite soup.

3. Chilling Out: Create a pumpkin cooler for all of your festive drinks. Scoop out the insides of your pumpkin to make enough room for a large glass bowl. Fill the bowl with ice cubes, soda cans, or wine bottles. You could even use the pumpkin as a punch bowl.

4. Remarkable Table: If you like to decorate your table with decorative gourds, try something new. Dip your pumpkins in a pan of gold acrylic paint, or spray paint them, to create a magical display that you’ll be proud to show off at family dinners.

5. Flock Party: Make a pumpkin bird feeder from your leftover jack-o’-lantern. Insert aromatic cloves inside your pumpkin. Then, fill the pumpkin bowl with birdseed to give your feathered friends a special fall feast.

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