how-to-carve-a-turkeyThanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re hosting dinner this year, you’ll more than likely be in charge of carving a turkey. Share the love and make sure you know how to perfectly serve up the iconic dinner staple.

Supplies: Turkey, Cutting Board, Knife, Plate


After your turkey has cooled for a little bit, place it on your cutting board. Start carving the legs and thighs first. Slice towards the bone that is between the leg and thigh and wiggle your knife until the drumstick pops out. Take your drumstick and begin slicing. If you have guests who love dark meat, this is where you’ll find it.

Once you have carved up the legs and thighs, move towards the breast of the turkey. Remove the wing and make a deep cut along the breast bone. The coveted white meat is found here.

Portion the white meat into perfect slices by cutting the wing in half.


Serve. You’ve now sliced up the perfect bird! Save any of the left over bones and make a turkey stock for later meals.