1ampets-toby-and-samanthaHi, my name is Toby. I am the yellow pup on the left and 10 years old. The black and tan mix is my younger sister Samantha who’s 8 years old. Our mom works at 1st Advantage Mortgage as a Final Documents Specialist and we are her babies.

Sam and I both have weird habits and we are very different. When we go outside, I have to be the first one out the door and typically nudge Sam to get out of my way. But, when it comes time to eat, I always let Sam eat before me, because my mom taught me to be a gentlemen, and boy can Sam get hangry if she doesn’t eat first! When we get bones, Sam drops hers to watch me chew on mine. Why? I have no idea. When I take a break from chewing, Sam takes my bone to gnaw on, instead of her own. But it’s ok by me, I like to share. I always try to respect the ladies.

Another unusual trait of Sam’s is that she doesn’t really know how to bark, and instead it comes out as a little cry. Since I’m a manly man, my growl is fierce and strong, and I’m good at scaring away the squirrels (they just laugh at Sam).

We’re so excited the holidays are here and can’t wait to see what Santa Paws is going to bring!

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