1amvolunteers-little-friendsThe building complex, where the 1st Advantage Mortgage company headquarters is located, chose Little Friends as the charity they would support for the 2015 holiday season and set up a giving tree in the building lobby. One of the tags on the tree indicated that a $25 gift card would buy one family a holiday meal. Rhia Stephany, a Processing Manager at 1st Advantage, noticed this tag and felt inspired to do more. She said, “I knew that amount might be too much for one person to donate, but if I collected money as a group, we would be able to purchase several meals and feed many families this year.”

Rhia then took the lead in collecting money to provide meals for families in need. She placed an envelope on her desk for several weeks, and sent emails asking her co-workers to stop by her office to donate. As a result of her efforts, Rhia raised a total of $600, which equates to 24 families who will now receive holiday meals. She stated, “I’m so proud to work for this company; I am blown away by the generosity I witnessed.”

Little Friends is a private, non-profit organization serving children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. To learn more about Little Friends, visit http://littlefriendsinc.org/.

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