how-to-use-dryer-sheetsDid you know dryer sheets have many uses other than refreshing your laundry? Here are a number of additional ways dryer sheets can be used that may surprise you!

Supplies: Dryer Sheets, Water

Polish chrome pieces
Take a used dryer sheet, lightly moisten it and run it over a faucet or a shower head and you’ll have sparkling pieces in no time!

Clean a clothes iron

After much use, a clothes iron’s soleplate may become dirty. To clean, simply put a dryer sheet on your ironing board and run the iron over it until the soleplate is clean.

Say goodbye to static

Stop static with the swipe of a dryer sheet. Just take a sheet and run it over your clothing.

Keep scissors sharp

Help keep your scissors from dulling by occasionally wiping a used dryer sheet over the blades.

Clean oven racks

To easily clean your oven racks, soak them overnight in a tub of warm water with some dishwashing soap and a few dryer sheets. The next day, any leftover gunk should wipe right off.

Don’t bring sand home

Leave sand at the beach by lightly wiping dry sand off your skin with a dryer sheet.

Quick bug repellant

Repel gnats and mosquitoes by keeping a dryer sheet in your back pocket.

Paint clean-up

Make cleaning paint brushes easier by filling a bucket with warm water and adding in a dryer sheet. Let brushes soak for a few hours and rinse.

Dusting made easy

Make dusting a breeze by wiping down any areas, even floors, with a dryer sheet.

Be gone, pet hair

To remove pet hair from your clothes, furniture and any other place it can accumulate, simply rub with a dryer sheet.

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