1ampets-stitchHello, my name is Stitch. I’m a 2 ½ year old happy golden doodle and my mom works at 1st Advantage Mortgage as the Quality Control Manager .I’m not sure what she does, but it sure sounds important.

Every morning when it’s time for Mom to go to work, I will sit on her shoes in an attempt to keep her from leaving, but she always seems to find them. Then I walk her to the door and give her lots of kisses goodbye, but not before I’ve tried to take her coat in one last attempt to keep her from leaving.

I am a very cheerful dog who loves lots of different things including human food, chasing squirrels, chewing the squeakers out of my toys and taking my mom’s things to get her to chase me around the house. I am a true people dog. In fact, I love people so much that I once jumped through the picture window of my house just to greet a neighbor who was walking down the sidewalk. Luckily my mom was home and took me to the vet and I was good as new in no time.

My favorite place to relax during the day is on top of the coffee table in our family room, and my favorite time of day is when my mom comes home. I always greet her with a toy in my mouth, and then I squeeze myself between her legs so she has to pet me before doing anything else. I’m a bit of an attention hog, but Mom doesn’t seem to mind. When you’re this cute, how could she resist?

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