how-to-wash-your-pillowsIt’s important to wash your pillows at least twice a year, to ensure they are free of dust and debris. If you live in a warmer climate, they should be washed at least four or five times a year. Most pillows are machine washable, but check the care label first to confirm.

Some of your pillows may be well past their expiration date, in which case, you should just toss them and buy new ones. A good test is to fold your pillows in half, and if they don’t spring open right away, it’s time to say goodbye. Once you’ve identified which pillows are worth keeping, follow these steps to achieve the best results.

Step 1: After reading the care label on your pillows to confirm they are machine washable, set the water temperature on your machine according to the care label.

Step 2: Roll up your pillow lengthwise and secure the middle and ends with rubber bands during the wash cycle to minimize clumping. Place your pillows in the machine, two at a time to evenly distribute the load.

Step 3: Add a small amount of mild liquid detergent (instead of powder to avoid residue), like Woolite, and start the load.

Step 4: Run the pillows through the rinse cycle twice after the initial wash to ensure all the soap is rinsed out.

Step 5: Dry your pillows according to the care label. If you’re able to put them in the dryer, place a few tennis balls in with the pillows to speed up dry time and prevent clumping. You can also dry your pillows by laying them flat.

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