1ampets-bramMeow, my name is Bram, and my dad works for 1st Advantage Mortgage as the Video Production Manager. He’s a really creative and funny guy.

I was born Halloween day; hence the name Bram Stoker. You know, the guy who wrote Dracula. I was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk!) but for the last 4 years, I’ve pounced around Chicago, Illinois. This past October I turned 7 years young and the Veterinarian had the audacity to say I am now a “senior cat”. Whatever that means. I’m still a young and vivacious cat at heart. When you see the way I can chase toys and run around the apartment, you’d think I’m a kitten.

My absolute favorite “toy” is a crumpled up receipt. I also like to chase that darn yarn ball…I still can’t believe I can’t catch it. I’ve come to the conclusion that somehow it’s alive and able to fly! I have a feeling my dad has something to do with the whole yarn ball thing. Usually after I run around for an hour, I’ll climb onto someone’s lap and play with them, usually by way of using my paws on their stomach. Apparently, it looks like I’m kneading dough with the motion of my paws. That’s how I get them to pet me. My parents fall for it every time.

After that, I like to sleep on my parents lap or belly if they sit still long enough. Otherwise I go to my newly discovered spot in the house: my parents bath towels right next to the heater; it’s puuurfect for the winter. I mostly eat dry food, but 3 or 4 days out of the week they give me this amazing wet food. It’s so delicious, I can’t help but scarf it down in less than 3 minutes. They say I am a rare breed called a Selkirk Rex. I guess most cats don’t have curly hair like I do. My hair can get really long, so I like it cut short during the summer.

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