how-to-fix-peeling-leather-furnitureThere’s no need to fret if your leather furniture begins to peel over time. When leather starts peeling or flaking, the problem is usually with the leather’s finish rather than the leather itself. Luckily, there are low-cost solutions, like leather repair kits, to help extend the life of your furniture so you don’t have to spend a fortune replacing them. Leather repair kits come with several tints so you can easily match the color of your furniture. Before you tackle your actual piece of leather furniture, be sure to practice applying the repair solution on a scrap piece of leather first, to polish your skills for an undetectable repair job.

Supplies: Leather repair kit; Damp cloth, alcohol wipes from the repair kit or a dedicated leather cleaning solution; Tinted leather repair liquid, mixed; Iron

Step 1: Wipe down the leather with a damp cloth, alcohol wipes from the repair kit or a dedicated leather cleaning solution to ensure the leather’s true color shows so you can make the most accurate color match with the repair solution. Allow the area to dry completely.

Step 2: Thoroughly inspect the furniture and mark each problem area with a piece of masking tape. It’s more efficient to patch up multiple areas at once and helps ensure all repairs will match in color.

Step 3: Mix the leather repair liquid colors from the kit into one of the empty containers included. Test the solution on a hidden area, like the back of the sofa near one of the legs, to confirm the color matches the leather. Once you are satisfied, you’re ready to make your repairs.

Step 4: Plug the iron in on a high-heat without steam.

Step 5: Using the tools included in the repair kit, apply a small amount of the tinted repair liquid over one of the peeled or cracked areas. Overlap the repair a bit beyond the peeled area so the color blends well. Apply the liquid in thin layers until the repair is blended with the surrounding area. Make sure the applied repair solution is level with the surrounding leather and not raised up.

Step 6: Place the leather grain paper from the kit grain-side down on top of the wet repair.

Step 7: Touch the flat metal portion of the heating tool from the repair kit to the hot, flat plate of the iron, while holding in place for at least one minute.

Step 8: Press the flat, hot portion of the heating tool on top of the grain paper, moving it around for a minute or so to set the repair. Allow the area to cool for several minutes before peeling the grain paper from the repair.

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