1ampets-jake-and-rodneyI am Jake and this is my brother, Rodney. I am the highly energetic one on the left. I am going to be 3 years old in July and my older brother, Rodney, the lazy one on the right, just turned 8. I am a Labrador-beagle mix and Rodney is a beagle-Bassett hound. Our mother is a Licensing Specialist and Administrative Assistant at 1st Advantage Mortgage.

Although we are both Beagle-mixes, we are quite different! Rodney is low-key, always sleeping and moves in slow-motion, unless of course, he hears the treat jar in the kitchen. I swear he can hear a biscuit drop a mile away! He’s also the rebellious one, ignoring mom when she calls us back into the house. I’m pretty sure it’s “selective hearing.” I love playing tug-of-war with Rodney. We each grab an end of the Kong bone and growl and tug and growl and tug. Now that’s living! Mom’s favorite nickname for Rodney is “Nurple.”

Enough about Rodney, though. Let’s talk about me, Jake. I am known by many names: Jake, Jake from State Farm, Houdini, Quakers, Rake, just to name a few. They say I’m “mischievous,” – no clue what that means. I just like to break out of crates (like Houdini), chew on sofas, shoes and slippers, and run and play. I also enjoy eating my dinner on the living room carpet. I take a few kibbles from my bowl, walk them to the living room, drop them on the carpet, and then proceed to eat them. No matter what my crazy day brings, I know my mom loves me. I’m a good listener and I always come running when I’m called.

At the end of the day, I know that we are so loved and so blessed to have such a great family. We get hugs, kisses, treats, walks, tummy rubs, ear scratches, a warm bed and lots of food and toys to chew! I wish every dog could be so lucky. I hope this inspires you to go adopt your new best friend, today! Paws and Kisses.

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