1ampets-buddy-blue-sprinklesHi, my name is Buddy Blue Sprinkles and my dad is a loan officer at 1st Advantage Mortgage – but enough about him, this blog is about me! I’m a classic black and white Dutch rabbit and am five and 1/2 years young.

My story began as a classroom pet for the Latin School in Chicago, until their policy allowing live animals in the classroom suddenly changed and I found myself in need of a home. Luckily my mom discovered a flyer advertising my need for a permanent home, and it turns out the contact on the flyer actually knows my dad! The rest was history.  

I was so happy when I first arrived at my new home, toting my small litter box and two-story cardboard castle, I couldn’t wait to settle into my new room. Mom tried replacing my litter box with the cat’s because she said mine was too difficult to clean. However, I wasn’t a fan, and refused to use the hand-me-down litter box, while still being respectful enough to keep my business off the carpet. After a couple weeks of not giving in, Mom brought home a brand new litter box that pleased both of us and a truce was reached.

I’ve been with my new family now for more than two years and couldn’t be happier. I’m a free rabbit, allowed to wander the house as I please. I’m proud to say that I have never chewed up books, paper or furniture (unlike other rabbits my parents have owned before me), but I do like to leave little presents on my blanket when my parents are slow to clean my litter box, works like a charm. When I’m hungry, I lie and wait by the kitchen door and stalk whomever comes by, until someone finally feeds me. I love when they feed me lettuce, parsley, cilantro and dill, but my all-time favorite is blueberries (any berry, really).

Some of my most favorite things to do are watch ball games with Dad while he pets and rubs my nose with his foot. Anytime the family is sitting around the living room with bare feet, I’ll sneak up and poke the bottom of their feet with my nose, in hopes of a nose rub. I may not have a big bark like other pets, but I make my wishes known loud and clear!

I must be a very important rabbit because sometimes my family brings me to the Red Door Animal Shelter for a fundraising event where rabbits and guinea pigs can have their photos taken. Even on my worst days, I am always ready for my closeup!

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