1ampets-big-shotHello friends, my name is Big Shot and my mom works at 1st Advantage Mortgage as a Business Analyst. As you can see, I’m a painted gelding horse and am 14 years young. Anyone that knows me describes me as gentle, smart and “bomb proof”, which means I’m very easy going and don’t easily spook.

Mom decided that I’m too big to stay at home with her, and that I’d be much happier staying in a boarding barn with other horses – and boy was she right! Not only do I have my very own room, I actually get to interact with people more often than I would if I lived at home. The people who work at the barn are always telling me I’m one of their favorites. In fact, they like me so much they use me for riding lessons, and I’m often the one chosen for new riders that have never been on a horse before. I can sense the anxiety of first-time riders, and I quickly and easily win them over with my good looks and dynamic personality.

I love it when Mom comes to visit and we go on nice, long rides together. Sometimes it feels like it’s been weeks since her last visit, so I’ll give her a horse-hug, where I place my head over her shoulder and pull her in close. When we return to the barn, I always nudge Mom with my nose to remind her that I get a treat, and if I’m lucky, it’ll be my favorite – German horse muffins.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and I’m very grateful to have such a loving parent who always looks out for my best interests.  If you are looking to saddle up, check out local stables in your area, as we horses love the smiles we bring to the faces of riders both new and old!

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