1ampets-fionnula-shenanigansHi everyone! My name is Fionnula Shenanigans and my mom is a Loan Processor for 1st Advantage Mortgage. But enough about her, this blog is all about ME! If you didn’t already guess, I’m a Boston Terrier and am 2-years old. I still remember the day my mom adopted me from her friend – out of all my siblings, she chose me! We’ve been like two peas in a pod ever since.

I absolutely love making new friends and have never met another person or animal that I didn’t like – even the neighborhood cats, although they don’t seem to feel the same way (one day I’ll win them over!). I also love kids! They seem to keep up with my energy level more than the adults can, and they adore my cute “squishy” face and pointed ears. Mom jokes and says I’m made of pure enthusiasm because I’m always excited and ready for a new adventure.

One of my favorite foods in the whole world is cheese – I LOVE CHEESE, GLORIOUS CHEESE! I also love taking naps in the hammock at my house and playing in my kiddie pool on hot days (yes, I have my own pool and it’s luxurious!). On nice days, Mom likes to ride her bike around the city of Chicago and will sometimes let me ride with her in the front basket! If Mom even says the words “bike ride” out loud, I do not rest or leave her alone until she agrees to take me with her. There’s no better feeling than riding through the city with the wind in my ears – not to mention I look absolutely adorable in the front basket! So if you’re ever out and about in Chicago and you see us riding by, stop and say hello! And don’t forget the cheese!

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