1ampets-daisyHi there! My name’s Daisy and I’m a 5 year-old beagle and German shepherd mix. My mom works at 1st Advantage Mortgage as a Marketing Coordinator, which means she gets to do a lot of fun and creative projects! I’m originally from Kentucky but was put up for adoption and moved to a shelter in Chicago called 4 Paws 4 You 4 Ever. That’s where my mom and dad found me and decided that I was the perfect pup for them! They like to call me their little Southern belle. They really get a laugh when I cross my front paws while laying down, like a proper Southern lady would do.

My absolute favorite activity is going on walks! My parents take me on two walks every day, rain or shine. Sometimes I’ll sit and pout by the door until they take me out (apparently I’m pretty cute when I pout). I also love looking out windows — car windows, house windows, any window really! Whenever my parents sleep with the windows open, I’ll sit there all night staring outside. They like to think of me as the neighborhood watchdog. I get especially excited whenever I see other animals outside like squirrels, turtles, cats, bunnies and birds.

I may be big in size, but I’m extremely friendly and love making new friends, whether it be with people or dogs! When I’m not busy playing, I love to be lazy and take naps around the house. I haven’t made the time to learn any tricks, but I do know how to “shake hands”. I’m also really good at catching toys and treats when they’re tossed in the air. My mom makes special home-made treats for me because she doesn’t trust the store bought treats, so I know they’re made with love! I’m convinced I have the best life a dog could ask for, and am so happy that my parents chose to adopt me. If you’re looking to adopt a pet, check out the 4 Paws 4 You 4 Ever website today.

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