1ampets-sedonaHello, world! My name is Sedona and I’m a 9-year old Puggle, but am turning 10 on January 5th. My mom is a Sales Coordinator at 1st Advantage Mortgage, so needless to say she’s a pretty big deal. Wait till you hear the story of how we met! Mom said she had always wanted a Puggle like me, but wasn’t ready to pay thousands of dollars to the many breeders online. One day, on a whim, she went to one of the shelters in Chicago just to see what types of dogs they had ready for adoption. Once she arrived, I was the first dog she saw and it was love at first sight! She knew she had to have me, and I couldn’t wait to be adopted! On the way home from the shelter, we stopped at a pet supply store and she let me pick out my very own dog bed. But once we got home and I saw her climb into her own bed, I abandoned my new doggy bed and climbed in to cuddle with my new mommy — we’ve been inseparable ever since. Mom says I’m the sweetest girl ever, and thinks it’s cute that I’m so possessive of her. She loves to rub my belly, which is perfect for me because the more belly rubs I get, the happier I am!

Mom buys me lots of toys, which is good because I like to chew them up until there’s nothing left. Especially the squeaky toys — I just HAVE to rip them open and pull out all the stuffing until I find whatever it is that’s making that noise! Once I find the squeaker, I rip that apart too. Then it’s on to the next toy! I also have a Kong toy food dispenser ball that Mom will fill up with treats, and then it’s my job to figure out how to get the treats out. Sometimes it takes me a little bit, but I always find a way. When I’m not playing with toys, I like to sleep and dream about chasing rabbits. I also love scavenging for people food — if Mom is eating something, I am right at her heels ready to snatch up any tasty morsels that might get dropped.

My favorite season is summer because that’s when I find cicadas to chew on (they’re so noisy, they remind me of my squeak toys). I also love summer because Mom takes me to lots of barbeques at my grandparents’ house, where I like to dig up nuts that were buried by squirrels. When I first met my grandpa, I was so excited that I ran right up to him and crawled up his body to give him kisses. They all said I looked like a monkey climbing a tree, so now they like to call me Monkey.

I also love, love, LOVE car rides! I remember a couple of times we went on the longest car rides ever! Mom was moving across the country both times, so we got to drive through the mountains in Colorado and witness sunsets in desert along the California coast. I think my favorite pit-stop was in Utah where I got to chase the fall leaves that were falling from the trees. No matter what activity is planned, and as long as I’ve got my mom by my side, I’m as happy as a clam!

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