how-to-clean-a-showerheadYour showerhead helps you start each day fresh and clean, but periodically, it needs you to return the favor. Mineral deposits build up on showerheads over time, creating clogs and tarnishing the finish. If your showerhead is no longer in top shape, some vinegar and a bit of scrubbing may be all that’s needed to restore its luster and performance. Here’s how to do the job.


  • White vinegar
  • Plastic bag and rubber bands, string or tape (for simple cleaning)
  • Rags, old toothbrush and toothpick or pin (for thorough cleaning)

Simple Cleaning Steps

1. Bag and soak. Fill a small bag that will fit over your showerhead with enough vinegar to submerge the head. Place the bag over the showerhead and affix it using rubber bands, string or tape (avoid taping directly to the fixture for cleaner removal). Wait one hour (30 minutes for brass, gold or nickel finishes). Remove the bag, turn on the shower to flush it and polish the showerhead with a soft cloth.

Thorough Cleaning Steps

1. Unscrew the showerhead or the nut securing the showerhead, making sure not to damage the fixture’s finish. Use a wrench over a rag if necessary.

2. Run a strong blast of water backwards (from the outside) through the showerhead’s holes by running it under a faucet or hose nozzle. Wash as much debris out of the showerhead as possible.

3. If mineral deposits remain, disassemble the showerhead (if possible), scrub it with a toothbrush and vinegar and use a toothpick or pin to carefully poke out any clogs. Submerge and soak the showerhead in vinegar overnight (30 minutes for brass, gold or nickel finishes) and then rinse out with water.

4. Reassemble and reattach. Apply new plumber’s tape to the shower arm threads and reattached the showerhead, taking care again not to damage the fixture’s finish. Polish the showerhead with a soft cloth.

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