Hello, my name is Kota. I am a nine-year-old Collie/Lab mix. My dad works at Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. as a Marketing Specialist. He spends his time off either developing software or printing wedding invitations on letterpress. The majority of the time is spent with me – playing and cuddling.

For the first year of my life, I wandered the streets of Chicago alone and afraid but was quickly found and adopted by my dad. Having grown up on the streets, I am a tough puppy. I’ve been hit by a garbage truck, bit in the neck, broken my dewclaws, ruptured my glands and successfully jumped out of the second floor of an apartment building (twice) to catch squirrels. Poor squirrels!

I am a loyal and constant companion to my dad. I shadow him everywhere around the house. He pretends to accidentally drop food on the ground so I can swoop in and clean up. We are a good team. I love him unconditionally.

He is mine, and I am his.