My name is Frankie, and my dad is a senior loan officer at Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. What is a senior loan officer, you might ask? I’m not exactly sure, but I hear it’s an important part of helping families like mine get their perfect homes! But enough about my dad, let’s talk more about me!

I’m a 5-year-old shih tzu, and I’m definitely the “favorite child” in my house. The best part of my days are the mornings when I cuddle up with my mom as she drinks her coffee. The worst days are when Mom doesn’t have time for morning coffee or cuddles. When this happens, I get very pouty and sassy with my parents, even though I know that deep down they’d rather be spending all of their time with me. And with a face like mine, who wouldn’t?

Beneath my cute, fluffy exterior is a complex personality. While I can be very reserved and even a bit stoic at times, I’m also extremely affectionate and sweet. (Dad says I’m more like a teddy bear than a dog.) I love being around people but also enjoy my alone time. While I’m lucky enough to have lots of different toys, my favorite is my stuffed gorilla named Gorilla. Gorilla is always there for me whenever I need him! Even when Mom and Dad put all my toys in a pile, I’ll find Gorilla and pull him out.

Other important things to know about me include my love of playing dress up, taking selfies and enjoying long naps on the couch. Did I mention that I’m also a huge Patriots fan? Even I was biting my nails during this year’s Super Bowl, but I knew my Tom Brady wouldn’t let me down, and they made a historic comeback, winning the game. It’s great being a New Englander!