Cleaning the blinds is an often neglected task when it comes to household chores. If unsightly dust and grime have begun to build up on your blinds, it’s time to get serious about cleaning them the proper and thorough way. Whether your blinds are vinyl, wood or fabric, here’s how to restore them to pristine condition.

Revive vinyl

Durable vinyl blinds allow for the most cleaning options. The most thorough process, which is especially effective on greasy kitchen blinds, is to remove and soak the blinds in a tub of warm, soapy water. After the soaking, wipe off each slat with a sponge. Finally, rinse down the blinds and hang them from the shower rod to dry.

For in-between cleanings, simply run a dry rubber sponge over the slats to remove dust. A clothes pin is a handy way to mark which slat you left off on should you need to step away.

Wash off wood

Warm soapy water is the cleaner of choice for faux wood blinds, while plain water or furniture polish is best for real wood. Lightly dip a soft cloth (ideally microfiber) or rag into your cleaner of choice, and wipe off each of the blinds’ slats. Take care not to saturate real wood with water as this can cause damage. Once the slats are cleaned, wipe away any excess water with a dry cloth.

In between washings, you can keep your blinds cleaner by vacuuming them. First, close the blinds, then run your vacuum’s dust brush attachment (the one with bristles) over them with the vacuum on its lowest setting. Reverse the blinds and repeat.

Refresh fabric

Fabric blinds can’t be cleaned easily with liquids like vinyl or wood blinds, but they also don’t highlight dirt and dust as obviously as those other materials. Small stains can be blotted away with a cloth that’s been lightly dipped in soapy water and then allowed to dry. For a more thorough cleaning, take them to a dry cleaners.

For a quick weekly dusting, use a hair dryer on its coolest setting to blast the dust from each slat. Once done, run a vacuum cleaner over the floor in the area to capture the loose dust.

Follow these cleaning routines as needed to ensure that your window treatments always look their best.

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